Health Update – The Heart

—To Family and Friends Who Keep Up with My Health—

I’ve recently touched on the subject of my Heart and my having issues with my Heart Rate.
Everyone says if you ever notice a change in your Heart, you need to get it checked out immediately. So I did.

I’ve always had a fast heart rate.
My Heart Doctor concluded in 2021 that I have a fast heart rate. Some people do. He also told me that if I experience any problems in the future, I should come and see him. And I did—today.

When I first met him in 2021, I liked him immediately.
He’s very personable and Knowledgeable.
I trusted him.

Today, I told him all my symptoms and even showed him the smartwatch I purchased merely for the health monitoring apps that come with the watch.
I also told him I had purchased a new Blood Pressure Monitor and an O2 Monitor.
I wanted him to know that I was serious about this problem.

One of my main symptoms is that the fast heart rate, that I’ve always had, has slowed down. My heart rate is now in the 80s and 90s a lot of the time.
It even dipped into the 50s briefly.
Then, I get Tachycardia at times.

Today, he sat and listened to me. He did an EKG.
He looked at the Medications that I brought to him.
He asked questions. I answered.
We talked about my Heart problems.

After the EKG, he attached a Heart Monitor that I will wear for the next Fourteen Days.
The Monitor will record my Heart the entire time I wear it.
It comes with an App for my smartphone.
After wearing the Monitor for 14 days, I’ll remove it and mail it in using the Postage Paid box.

The Doc will then let me know his findings, if any.
Then, in Four Months, I’ll have another Stress Test done.
This is not new to me since this is what happened in 2021.

I asked if I should be worried about having a Heart Attack in the very near future.
He told me not to worry about my Heart at the moment and said that I’m not a “Ticking Time Bomb,” which I was worried about.

And that’s the latest with my Heart, and I wanted to Journal it.

Thank you for listening.

Love you,