Hobby Lobby

—Hobby Lobby—

Ah, the place for “The Hobbyist.”

I park and get out.

While walking to the store, I pass an older gentleman.
He looks to be in his ’70s. 6 foot, a little overweight, with gray hair, and white-bearded.
He holds a piece of wood in his hands. Nice-looking wood as far as wood goes.
“A Blank Canvas,” I think to myself while looking at the board.
We exchange pleasantries as we pass, and I continue on into the store.

Inside the store, I’m met with many women at the Check-Out Counter with their “Art Deco” and Christmas Decorations. I grab a buggy and continue forward toward the back.
The back is where most “Hobby Supplies” are located.

On the “Craft Paint” Aisle, I see an older lady in her mid-sixties.
She is Thin, with silver hair, wearing Sweat Pants with Paint Spots all over the Sweat Shirt and the Sweat Pants.
She holds two small glasses of Blue Craft Paint in her hands.
She is deciding on Dark Blue Paint or Darker Blue Paint.
I see the bottles of Glycerin I need and grab them all. Four Bottles in Total, and I leave that Aisle.
I head to the “Snow Globes” Section to see if they have any in stock. They don’t.

I then begin my Search for Snow Globes.

I’ve found that if I walk the Aisles, I can usually find where someone has decided not to purchase a Snow Globe and just set the Snow Globe on a Shelf. Any Shelf.
So, I walk the Aisles.

While walking the Aisles, I see many Hobbyist shopping for the craft items they need for their Hobby.
Christmas is a big Season for hobbyists. We usually make our Crafts to sell or give away as gifts. So, we’re busy this time of year. And, the place is busy.

By walking the Aisles, I was able to find six Snow Globes that was sittin’ on the Shelves.
Customers had put the Snow Globes in their baskets and decided, at some point later, not to purchase the Snow Globes. So, they got rid of the objects. I found them on four different Aisles.

I take my items to the front registers to purchase and head back to my vehicle.

I should now have enough materials to finish my Snow Globes for this Christmas Season.

That’s all for now.

Love you,


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