Medical Update

—To All Who Keep Up With My Health—

I got an Ultra Sound on my Kidneys today to see how they are doing.

My Kidneys have Hydronephrosis. It’s usually something that can get fixed, but in my situation, I have to live with it.
As long as it doesn’t get worse, I’m okay. So, I get an Ultra Sound two or three times a year on my Kidneys.

After walking into the Radiologist’s Office, I undressed down to my boxers.

And, She said, “Actually, Mr. Thomas, you just needed to lift your shirt.”

“Oh…I’m sorry…For some reason, well, I have a lot of tests done, and most of them require me to strip down and put a gown on. I’m really, really sorry.”

“It’s okay. Just lie down, and I’ll put this sheet over you. Not a problem.”

In all fairness, I usually have to strip down and put a gown on for whatever test I’m having done. I had a “Brain Freeze,” though.
I’ve never had to do anything more than lift my shirt for an Ultra Sound, but I wasn’t even sure what test I was having done today.
I had to do a “Pre-Check In” over the phone, and the test got performed at the Hospital instead of the doctor’s office, and Ultra Sound tests usually get done at the doctor’s office. So anyway, the test got done.

Afterward, I dressed and made my way to the Professional Building to my doctor’s office.

At the doctor’s office, my doctor told me that my Kidneys look the same, which is good for me. I’m always shooting for “Status Quo.”

My doctor then went on to say that he sees no reason, at this point, for me to die from Kidney Failure.
He said my Kidneys are by no means “Ideal,” but my Kidneys seem Strong. I’ve had Hydronephrosis for several years now, and they have not shown any trend of going down. So his words were, “Your Kidneys are strong.”

I will tell you what I’ve told him.
Whenever I do too much, my Urine looks like Coffee. No matter what I’ve drank.
Again, he said my Kidneys are in no way “Ideal.”
But, they are strong, and he seems to think that, at this point, there is no reason for me to die from Kidney Failure.

So, he gave me some extra good news today.

And that’s the update on me and my Kidneys for now.

Love you,