The Funeral of Great Uncle Dale

Yesterday, 9/3/2022, Papa, myself, my Aunt, and Uncle all gathered into the vehicle and left Alabama, headed for Fairburn, Georgia.
We were to attend the Funeral of my Great Uncle Dale.
The trip took 2 Hours and 40 Minutes.

Along the way, I learned all about my Family.
My Aunt told many, many stories involving my Aunt Gail and Uncle Dale.
You see, my Uncle Dale was a twin. His sister, my Great Aunt Gail, is his twin. And I heard many stories involving those two.
I may tell some of those stories one day, but not today. That’s not what this journal entry is about.

Along with learning about my Great Uncle Dale, I learned about Cousins, Second and Third Cousins, and even the great “Double Cousins.”
Until then, I had only heard about Double Cousins in Folklore Stories.
I didn’t think Double Cousins were possible.

You see, a “Double Cousin” is being a cousin to someone on your Mother and Fathers side of the Family. Sounds kinda funny, I know, but my Aunt drew it out on a piece of paper for me and explained how it happens.
It happens when Sisters marry a set of Brothers. (The Sisters and Brothers are not Kin) Their Children become Double Cousins. Easy.

We finally arrived in Fairburn, Georgia. Fairburn is Pretty as a Peach—A Georgia Peach.
It has that Old-Town Charm with Mom and Pop Restaurants and Stores all up and down Main Street. I could tell much work had been put into Preserving the Town. We then made our way over to the First Baptist Church.

The Church was Beautiful.
The inside ceiling, I think, was made of shiny-looking Pine. It was in an “A” type frame.

I walked over to my Family, where I got Hugged and Squeezed more than a Baby just home from the Hospital.

On the Left and the Right side of the Sanctuary, they had
a Video playing with Pictures of my Great Uncle Dale and all of his Family.

Uncle Dale’s Son, Jeff, a great person himself, put together a team of Pallbearers, and I was fortunate enough to be an Honorary Pallbearer for my Great Uncle Dale. I was so happy to be able to play a part in his Funeral.

The service was Beautiful, along with Beautiful singing.
The Preacher knew my Great Uncle Dale the way any Preacher should know his Members. And he, too, had Stories to tell of Uncle Dale.

After the service, the Pallbearers loaded the Casket into the Hurst. The three Honorary Pallbearers, including me, watched over the Active Pallbearers.
The “Active Pallbearers” are the six people who play an “Active” part in the service. Us “Honoraries” got to watch.
I made sure to stand up straight and look dignified while the others worked.

After the Burial, we realized we needed to get back to Alabama if we wanted to be driving in the daylight.
So, we hugged, shook hands, and said, “I Love You” to everyone and headed back to Alabama.

On the way home, I heard more stories from my Aunt.
We laughed, and, at times, my Aunt would cry; She loves her Uncle Dale, and it shows. Everyone loved Uncle Dale. Everyone.

Once we got home, I said, “I think we’ve had the perfect day; I think Uncle Dale is happy with the day we’ve had; It’s been the perfect ending, and I think Uncle Dale is Happy for us.”

That’s all for now.

Rest In Peace, Uncle Dale. I Love You.

Love you,


PS – Thank you, Jeff, for letting me be an Honorary Pallbearer for Great Uncle Dale. I love all of y’all.