Morning Coffee

—Morning Coffee—

I got up and went for my usual drive today.

Hungry, I decided to hit one of the local fast-food restaurants for a biscuit.
When I arrived, the drive-thru line went out into the street. So I decided to go into the local gas station and just grab something quick to eat.

This gas station is pretty new, being only about three years old. I go inside.
They had everything from Donut Holes to Bear Claws.
I decide to get a cup of Donut Holes, a Bear Claw, and a coffee.

I get in my truck and pop a Donut Hole in my mouth. Then, another, and another. I drive off.
While on the road, the cup holding the Donut Holes falls between my legs and into the floor of the truck. I pull over.
I get out and begin picking the Donuts up and putting them back into the cup.
That’s when I noticed “it.” “It” is a dark green film on every Donut Hole. I look closer. It’s mold. All of ’em are molded. …And I had popped at least three in my mouth already.

I throw everything, including the Bear Claw, into a bag and toss it into the back seat of my truck.

I tune my radio into Sirus XM Channel 148 “Radio Classics” and begin listening to “The Affairs Of Anatol” starring “Orson Wells.”

I begin driving again and enjoying my morning coffee.
At least my coffee is good.

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