A somewhat busy day today. Busy yet boring.

I did enjoy getting out today, though.
I love the cool weather, especially when it’s Blue Skies and White Clouds.

I had to drive (2) Ibuprofren’s to the School to give my Niece for her headache today. Schools no longer dispense medicine such as Ibuprofen or Tylenol.

Afterward, I drove to Hobby Lobby to have some pictures framed.
I hope to hang the frame up at the Cabin. I also picked a shelf up for my room.

Since I was in the great city of Gardendale, Alabama, I decided to stop by “Milos” and grab a burger.
If you ever visit the State of Alabama, try to stop at one of our Milo’s and try a hamburger. I believe it’s a Greek Sauce that they put on each burger. I love it. It is delicious.

When I got home, I set the shelf up.

That’s about all for today. I told you it was boring. I loved it, though.

Love you,


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