Music Genres

Country music is not my primary Genre of Music.
Still, though, I listened to it. Still do, occasionally.
My brothers introduced me to it as a kid.

I have pictures, somewhere, of a younger me wearing a big Ol’ Cowboy Hat, complete with a Bolo Tie. Yep. I listened to Hank in those days.

Because of the Atrophy from my Spina Bifida and Tethered Spinal Cord, I didn’t like wearing Cowboy Boots.
My feet are kinda deformed and don’t fit well inside a Cowboy Boot.

I wore jeans, shirts, hats, and Bolo Ties.
I dressed the dress, listened to Country Music, and I Chewed “Red Man.”
My height was 5’11, and soaking wet, I weighed 130 pounds.
I listened to Old Timers such as Hank, Cash, and Jennings.
In my mind, when I got out of my “GMC Jimmy,” I was Hank Williams Sr.

Then at some point, my Cousin introduced me to “Aerosmith.”
Naturally, what came next was “Guns-N-Roses.”
Then, Pink Floyd and every band that made up “Classic Rock.”
Skynard, Zeplin, and Queen had replaced my “Hank” tapes in my Tape Deck.

I replaced the Cowboy Hat with a Bandanna—and the Bolo Tie for Aviator Sunglasses.
I wore a “Members Only” Jacket.

And today, over thirty years later, I listened to Hank, Cash, Pink Floyd, and Aerosmith while driving in my truck.
All because, at some point, someone introduced me to those Genres of Music.

And tonight, while going to sleep, I plan on listening to Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata.”
—Because, at some point, someone in my life also introduced me to Classical Music.

My point?
The taste in Music of those around you is significant.

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