While Mom has been down with Shingles, I’ve tried to “Step-Up” and fill in with some of the Cooking and Cleaning.
Papa is already a good cook and has done his part, but I wanted to fill in where I could.

So, Spaghetti time! —Off to “The Pig” I went.

First, I made Mom’s Spaghetti Sauce which is very much Southernized.

I started by Chopping up some beautiful Bell Peppers, followed by Slicing up the Mushrooms and Vidalia Onions.
One of my Online Friends told me last time that I forgot the Garlic.—not this time, though.

I looked up how to properly use a Head of Garlic.
I placed the Head on the Cutting Board and slowly picked up the hammer used to tenderize meat. Does it sound like I knew what I was doing? Nope. I had never done this before.

Bam! I hit the Head of Garlic.
And…the thing split open into three Cloves.
“Whoa,” I thought to myself. “It worked…”
I gently pounded each Clove until the Oils started coming out.
But, then, I wasn’t sure how many Cloves to add to the Sauce.

“Eh. I’ll just throw all three in,” I thought, which I ended up doing.

I then began browning two pounds of Ground Beef.
I added Salt and Pepper to taste.

Next, I added the Vegetables I mentioned earlier and some Prego Sauce.

Then, I realized I had forgotten to drain the oil after browning the Ground Beef.

“Eh. Just add it all together. It’s too late now.” I thought.

Once the Sauce began to “boil,” I turned it down to “Simmer” and started cooking the Noodles.

For the Noodles, I only added some Salt to the Pot-O-Water. No Oil.
—See, I also got told that adding oil to the Noodles prevents the Sauce from Clinging to the Noodles. And we don’t want that.
I cooked the Noodles for a good 8 minutes while stirring a lot.

Next up was the “Texas Toast.”
I popped the Toast into the oven and left them for about 10 minutes, and voila!

Everyone that ate the Spaghetti said it was delicious. Including Momma.

Next up: Chili