National Championship 1/10/2022


I feel I need to write something postable with today being 1/10/2022.

Why is it important? The National Championship Game is today at 7 PM CST. Yes, Alabama is playing Georgia for the National Championship in Football. Both teams belong to the SEC. That’s important.

So, of course, I’m pulling for Alabama.
I’m also sitting in my recliner watching the game.
If you know me or have read my blogs, you know that I’m not the biggest fan of Football. I hardly keep up with it. Everyone else in my life keeps up with it, though. It was important to my late brother.

My late brother was the biggest Alabama Crimson Tide fan I’ve ever met.
He would put everything off to watch a game—or listen to it on the radio.

When we lived in Virginia in the ’90s, we didn’t get every Alabama game on TV.
My brother would, someway, somehow find a way to keep up with the game. He even found it being played on the radio several times.

He brought earphones and a walkman radio to a sit-down event once so that he could listen to the game while the event was taking place.
I think it was my Paw Paws idea. In fact, I think my brother, Paw Paw, and my Uncle and Cousin were all wearing earphones during this event.
—Huge Fans of the Crimson Tide.

Then, in 2010, he passed with a brain hemorrhage—and the Alabama Crimson Tide took off winning almost all of their games.
Everyone in America has heard of the Alabama Crimson Tide. Heck, everyone has heard the name “Nick Saban.” …And I get sad that my brother has missed all of it. He would love this so much.

He would be in, well, …in Heaven, which is where he is.

Love and Miss you, Brother.

Roll Tide



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