Old Newspapers

—Old Newspapers—

—August 1977

The news of Elvis’ Death has hit the world.

My mother recalls that only the Memphis reporters had the exclusive, and the Birmingham, Alabama Newspaper didn’t have as many pictures or details about Elvis’ death.
Remember, no internet yet.

I was one year old— My birthday is not until October.

Mom hears that one of the local Malls has copies of the Memphis Newspapers, and they are selling them, first come, first serve.

Mom is not only watching my brothers and me, but she is also watching two of my first cousins. All of us, under nine years old.

She decides she wants a Memphis Newspaper.

Remember, the year is 1977. Car seats are out but not mandatory—not many things are “mandatory” in 1977.

Mom loads up five kids, all under nine years old, and drives to the local mall to buy a Memphis Newspaper.
It is something that I’ve inherited from my mother—newspaper Collecting. So I, too, have a newspaper collection.
I also inherited the need to write from her. She, too, has written many things, as well as her mother, my Nana. All writers. Me being an Amateur writer. I guess they were “amateur,” too, but I do love reading their words.
I digress.

She arrives at the mall and drags all five kids in with her—me in her arm.
Mom thinks the name of the business selling the papers was “L & S Electronics.” She is not sure, though.

To mom’s surprise, she is the first one there.
The papers were not for sale yet because the guys had not gotten back from Memphis.
The line grew behind mom.
Businesses sent employees there also to buy Newspapers. Mom spoke to a few employees that were sent there by their boss to buy a paper.

The guys arrive back from Memphis with tons of Memphis Newspapers.
Mom bought three.

—One is in my collection of Old Newspapers.

I did not get it out tonight for a picture. It’s packed away. Out of sight, out of mind.

I do have this framed photo that sits on top of my armoire.
Papa gave it to me.
I love it.

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