Restroom Stalls

The picture below is one of my many Nightmares.

It’s not the first time I’d run into this situation, either.

Back in the day, when I was a drinker, many restrooms in the bars had no doors on the stalls.
Remember, at one time, I wore a diaper.
Changing your diaper in a Stall is bad enough. Take away the door and throw in people walking in and out… It can get overwhelming.
Even a Colostomy can at times be complicated or involved.

And this is where a close friend comes into play.
I’ve visited restrooms with Four Stalls, and none of the Stalls had a door—Not even the Handicapped Stall.

So, you get your buddy to stand where the door would usually be and guard you.
He faces the other way and says things such as, “Nothin’ to see here; Keep movin’.”

And, that’s how you know if you’ve got a true friend.