School Pranks

7th Grade.

I didn’t tell anyone that I had Spina Bifida or, more importantly to me, that I wore a diaper.
I also had zero feeling in my Butt Cheeks.

Back in the day, at school, kids played pranks and jokes. —All-the-time…
I’m sure they still do it today.

A famous “Prank” would be to tape a Thumb Tac to the seat of someone’s desk. And this time, it was my desk.
The guys taped a big Thumb Tac to the seat of my desk.

I hear giggling as I walk down the aisle to my desk to sit down.
I sit.
I didn’t feel anything because I had no feeling in my Butt Cheeks.

“Jerry” whispers to another kid, “It must’ve split the cheeks…”

I get my books out and look to the front of the class.
I can sense something, but I’m not sure what it is.
Finally, I sense all the Fellas lookin’ at me.

“What?” I say to the guys.

“Lynn, can you stand up?”

I realize I must be sitting in something.

“No, I ain’t getting up. What am I sittin’ in?” I ask.

“Jerry,” says, “It’s not what you’re sittin’ in… It’s what you’re sittin’ on…”

“What is it?” I ask.

“A Thumb Tac,” Jerry replies.

I reach up under my butt and find it. It’s right in my Cheek…
I pull it out without letting the guys see my butt.
No blood or anything was on it.

I proudly hold it up in the air and say, “It split the Cheeks, Fellas… Better luck next time…”