The Night The Lights Went Out At …

—The Night The Lights Went Out At …—

I’ve been sitting on this story for a bit.
I didn’t want to tell the story and make some establishment sound bad. So I’m not about that. If I had a problem with an establishment, I would go to management and not Social Media.

…But the story is so dang good… At least to me… Maybe you had to be there…

It’s 9:10 pm.

I turn into “……..” fast food restaurant joint and pull up to the drive-thru.

There is already one car in front of me placing its order.
So I pull up behind them and wait patiently.

At 9:13 pm, the car finishes placing its order and pulls up to the window.
I pull forward to the drive-thru order screen and wait for the server to come over the speaker and ask me what I’d like to order.

At 9:15 pm, the car that was ahead of me gets its order and drives off.

Then, still 9:15 pm, the lights turn off.

I look over to the dining room, and the lights inside are now off too.
Thinking the power may have gone out, I look at the drive-thru window and see the employee counting the money in the register. There are lights on in that area.

I realize that they have closed on me, and they’re not going to even come over the speaker and tell me.

I think to myself, “This is my whole 45 years of life summed up at 9:15 pm on a Thursday…” and I begin laughing.

I continue laughing as I drive off.

I then went to Jack’s. They’re open late.

PS – I have eaten there since. They do have good food.

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