COVID Update 8/1/2021

—COVID Health Update 8/1/2021—

As many of you know, five people live in this house together.

Four have tested positive for COVID—Two Elderly and two youths.
I tested negative at the doctor’s office and continue to test negative using the COVID Home Test Kit.
The doctor even sent one of my tests off, and it came back negative.

I know the Home test kit does work because it caught COVID when used on the ones here that did have COVID.

With my health being so poor due to Spina Bifida, the doctor put me on Ivermectin and vitamins that I take daily. The others are also on the vitamins as well as the meds that their doctor prescribed them.

I wear a mask as I move about the house.

I am also keeping a log of their vitals. Well, COVID vitals.
Every two hours, I take their temperature and Oxygen levels.
Then, I log it.

So far, only once did Mom and Papa run a temperature.
It was 99.something for both of them.
Two hours later, their temperatures were back to normal.

Oxygen levels have also been over 95 for the most part. Normal.

Mom and Papa have lost some of their taste.
The girls have not reported any loss of taste.

I’m doing fine. I feel fine.
I take my vitals as well, and everything has been normal for me.

I’m Praying throughout the day for everyone here.
I Pray out loud, and I say the name of each person here.

That is all for now.

Love you,



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