COVID Update 8/2/2021

—COVID Update 8/2/2021—

I got up early to make my rounds… I sound like a medical professional.
I will let things go to my head if I don’t watch myself.


I took the vitals of “Patient Zero,” one elderly female, at 0800 hours today.
Oxygen was in the average range of 97.
The temperature of the patient was in the average range – 98.1


I’ve been taking their COVID vitals every two hours.
Mom was 99.3 at Noon.
Her oxygen was 98.
I suspect she will be back to 98 ish at my 2 pm check.

Papa was normal on all my checks today.

I rechecked myself for COVID, and I came back negative.

We are all doing well.
Mom is tired and in bed today.
She told me she wasn’t sick; Just tired.

I wake her up every two hours for her vitals check.
I even wake Papa up if he is napping in his recliner.
Everyone gets their vitals checked—even me.

Something about me, I was supposed to see my heart doctor today and have a test done. I think I heard the word “Echo” test. Not sure.
They had to reschedule all three of my heart doctor appointments to sometime in September.
It works out better, though. Instead of three appointments on three different days, I now have one all-day appointment in September.

Ironically, or, oddly enough, (I need to look up the word “Ironically” again), my heart has been fluttering today.
I’m checking it with my monitor.
It will detect afib and other issues.
Right now, my heart is beating at 127Bpm, which is what it was beating when I was seeing my Primary Care Doctor.

I’ll update again tonight before bedtime.

That is all for now.

Love you,



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