COVID Night Update 8/2/2021

—COVID Night Update 8/2/2021—

A short update:
Everyone is doing fine tonight, and everyone’s numbers are regular.

A few people have expressed some concern about what I am doing to keep myself from getting COVID.
I thought I might address that.

When four out of the five people who live in the same house have COVID, you cannot do much outside of leaving until it’s cleared up.
Leaving was not a road I wanted to go down, even though my Aunt offered her cabin to me.

My doctor, who verified that I was negative, knew the situation and understood my medical problem, put me on Ivermectin.
He felt Ivermectin might help keep me from getting COVID.
A couple of people in my family were pleased when they learned that I was on Ivermectin.

I am also on vitamins.
My vitamins are as follows:

Vitamin C
Vitamin D3
Baby Aspirin

Our Pharmacy sells a “kit” that has all the vitamins needed to fight COVID. It also comes with directions and costs about $24 per kit.

The next thing I do to try and keep my chances of catching COVID down is to stay in my bedroom.
Nobody who has COVID has stepped foot inside my bedroom.
I spray it with several disinfectant sprays throughout the day.
I also have a “Germ Killing Light” I can use.

I only leave my room to go and take the vitals of everyone and go to the kitchen.
Every two hours, I put my mask on, go into each room, and use a scanner to scan each person’s forehead and get their temperature.
They put their own oxygen sensor on their own finger and tell me what it says.
I then log it and leave the room.

I take showers throughout the day.
On average, I take about five showers a day.
That’s just while this COVID scare is going on.

I eat when others are not in the kitchen.

When others are through with the kitchen, I put my mask on, head into the kitchen, make myself a plate, and bring it back to my room and eat in my recliner.

Each morning I give myself the COVID Home Test.
It’s pretty easy to use once I learned how.
I know it does work because it caught COVID in the people here who did have COVID.
It also said I was negative, which my doctor verified that I was negative.

I Pray throughout the day. Out loud; Using people’s names.

I say a Prayer asking God to take care of each individual here and say the individual’s name.
I then ask God to protect me from getting COVID.

And, that’s about all I do each day.

Mom and Papa did want me to go somewhere else until this was over.
I, of course, chose not to.
You do for family.

That is all for now.

Love you,


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