The Wreckage

I was mere seconds away from it when it happened.

Driving on Highway 160, which I’ve posted about before, I encountered a wreck. It had just happened.

People were getting out of their vehicles and running over to the wreckage.

Three vehicles were involved.
One truck lay on top, and on its side, of the other two vehicles.
A man sat trapped inside the truck.
All I could see were “his” legs.
At that time, I didn’t know if it was a “he” or a “she.” All I could see were legs.

I parked at the local “General Store” and got out.

I heard all kinds of sounds while standing there.
“I called 911; they’re on the way!”
“Can you hear me? Are you okay in there?”
“We’re gonna have to bust the window out!”

Within minutes the fire truck pulls up. —An ambulance right behind.

“Sir, Sir! Can you hear me?” they yelled to the man trapped inside the vehicle.

Next, I hear a very distinct sound; the sound of a saw cutting into the vehicle.

Everyone working the scene was blocking my view, but when the sawing stopped and the people moved, the windshield was gone.
It appeared they were going through the front window.

“Did they cut the windshield out? Wouldn’t it shatter?” All things I thought to myself.

I could still see legs. Legs that weren’t moving.

One fireman used a shiny orange blanket to cover the opening to give the person privacy.

We “on-lookers” stood quiet.

“I heard it’s a man,” one lady says.
I stand still and say silent Prayers, which I had been saying the whole time.
Flashbacks from my nephew’s wreck come back to me.
I know the person in that truck has people who care about him—Who love him.
I continue to Pray quietly to God.

I see a foot. Then, another. Neither is moving.
The paramedics bring over a stretcher.
The feet not touching the ground yet.
More paramedics and firemen gathered around the “Opening” they used to reach the person.

The lady in one of the wrecked vehicles is standing there watching.

Then, in one fell swoop, the firefighters pull the body out of the opening.
The horn on the vehicle honks as this is happening.
Everyone is quiet.
I place my hand, which was holding my hat, over my heart and continue Praying quietly.
The blanket that one firefighter had been holding up to give the man his privacy and dignity gets taken away, and there stands an older gentleman—white hair and dressed nicely.
He looks like anyone’s “Paw Paw.”

The lady walks over to him and puts her hand out.
The gentleman reaches out his hand, and they shake hands.

Then, of his own accord, the older gentleman walks away from the wreckage and turns to get a better look at it. The woman follows.

Then, after seeing and taking in the sight of the wreck, he and the woman embrace one another.
And I thanked God for many answered Prayers.

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