The Trip

4 AM, “Alexa” awakens me with soft Jazz music.

“It’s time!” I say aloud. “Time! Get up and get ready, ‘Lynny-Pooh!'”

You see, I have an important trip planned today.
I am going to the great city of Nashville, in the great state of Tennessee.
By 7 PM tonight, I will be sitting in front of one of the most prestigious stages in all of music. —The Grand Ole Opry stage. Yes.

I have tickets to see tonight’s show.
While most of my family has been to the Grand Ole Opry, I have not.
This will be my first time. And I am excited.
I’ll be wearing my “Sorta Cowboy Hat.” It looks more Australian to me.
Who knows, though, when I get there, I may buy another hat.

I’ll be staying at the “Opryland Hotel” tonight and checking out, and coming home tomorrow. A short trip indeed.

The drive should be alright. Nashville is only about two and a half hours from here.

For now, though, I must get back to getting dressed.

That’s all for now.
More later. I’ll take my laptop for Journaling.

Love you,