Tommy The Dawg

We have a black Dawg (You have to spell it that way…) named “Tommy.”

Tommy is a Black Lab mix. We’re not sure what type of dog he is mixed with.

Well, Tommy saw his reflection in the window this morning.

For ten minutes, I watched him argue, by barking, with the “Other” dog that he saw in the window.

While watching, I pondered how I would get him to realize that the dog he saw was himself.

(Sometimes, when I need to communicate something to an animal, I’ll ask Jesus to step in and speak for me. I mean, I know He can communicate with the animals.)

After ten minutes of watching him bark at his reflection, I got up and walked over.

Standing beside Tommy and in front of the window, I waved at my reflection in the window.

Then, still standing in front of the window, I petted Tommy.
Tommy could see that the person in the window was also petting his dog.

“See, buddy, it’s just our reflections.”

I continued to play with Tommy, and Tommy watched the guy in the window play with his dog.

I think he figured it out because he did stop barking at his reflection in the window.

Time will tell.

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