’80s Christmas Party

The ’80s.

My late brother Tony and I had to attend a Christmas Party hosted by one of mom’s friends.

Tony and I thought that this one particular friend of moms was wealthy.
At least in our minds, she was.

She and her husband drove a ’40s-type vehicle. I’d say it was a “Triumph Roadster” if I had to guess.

Their home was old, with big bold trees surrounding the house.
They had stone walkways through the yard leading everywhere from the front door to the pool. Yes, a pool. Like I said, Rich. At least in our minds.

The yard was a Flower Garden with nice flowers along the paths.

It was Christmas. — 1980-Something.

In the home were several Christmas Trees.
It was the first time I had seen a house with more than one Christmas Tree.
The house had two floors and several Fire Places.
Each bedroom had its own Fire Place, and each sitting room had its own Fire Place.
To us, it was fancy and “rich.”

To drink, we had tiny Crystal Glasses filled with warm Apple Cider and Cinnamon.

People in Suits and Ties mingled with one another.
Christmas Music played in the background, but I never once saw a speaker. The music was just… there. I don’t know where it was coming from.
Tony and I walked around and looked. And that’s how I found it.

“Look! Rich food!” I whispered to Tony.

It was a tray with vegetables cut up and nicely placed in a circle.
In the middle of the circle was some type of dip. A dip I had never seen before. It was “White” in color and thick.

I saw a man use the tongs to put some of the vegetables on his plate.
He then used the spoon to put the dip on top of his vegetables.

I soon followed after.
I grabbed a plate and the tongs.
My hands shook for some reason. I guess I was a bit nervous.
I wanted to make sure I did everything just like the previous guy.

I placed some small pieces of Broccoli on my plate. Next, I used the spoon and put the dip on my plate.

I looked at Tony and said, “Rich Food.” He nodded in agreement.

I dipped my Broccoli into this White, thick dip and took a bite.

“Is it good?” Tony asked.

“Holy Cow! You gotta taste this stuff!” I exclaimed.

Tony got himself a plate and followed.

“Try the dip!”

“Mmm-mmm!” Tony exclaimed. “That’s great dip! I wonder what it’s called.”

I quietly walked over to our Host. I forget her name.

“Hey, ma’am, what’s this dip called?” I asked.

“It’s called ‘Ranch Dressing.’ It’s good isn’t it?”

“Yes, ma’am, it’s delicious.”

And mine and Tony’s love for Ranch Dressing had begun.

In my mind, Ranch Dressing will always be “Rich People” dressing.