I walked into the Doc’s Office today around 2:30 pm.

My appointment being at 3:30, I knew I’d be sitting a while.

So, I looked the Waiting Room chairs over. Two leather chairs appearing to be comfortable, and one hardback chair appearing not to be so comfortable.

Out of the two comfortable-looking chairs, I decide which one has the best view of the TV.
I make my decision and sit.

The TV is on the MeTV Channel.

I enjoy watching MeTV, and I conclude that all the Docs Patients have many things in common, including our taste in TV Channels.

“The Doc probably has all of us figured out physically and mentally,” I think to myself.
He’s figured out that all of his patients like MeTV.

Then I realize I’m putting way too much thought into this and decide to just watch the TV.

At about 3:20 pm, I get called to the back, and the Doc wastes no time getting into the room to see me.

I jokingly ask the Doc the same question I’ve been asking for over a year, “Any chance of going back to Video Appointments like we had during the Pandemic?”

“No, Mr. Thomas. I have to see you.”

“Okay. It doesn’t hurt to ask,” I say.

The appointment went well with “No Changes.”
Status Quo is always good.

I do have an Outpatient Procedure coming up this week.
I’ll be getting the Stents in my Kidneys changed out.
I’m not sure if I’ll be asleep for the Procedure or not.
What I do know is that the Doctor will need to use an X-Ray to Change the Stents out.

And that’s the latest on me.

Love you,