As I sit, trying to think of what to write, my Diabetes Alarm on my phone goes off.

I get up, walk over to my phone, and scan the Blood/Sugar Sensor in my arm.

“Dang. Two-Fifty-One.” I say.

I grab my insulin pen and begin to set it at 6 Units. It freezes.
I look at the insulin pen. Shake it. Bang it against the table.

“Oh, it’s empty. Dang.” I throw it on the table.

I go to my little fridge, grab another pen, and give myself my insulin.
Then, I sit back in my chair and think of what to write.

This morning, at about 7:30 am, I pulled into the parking lot of the local Dollar General.
I sat in my vehicle to wait for the store to open. “DG” opens at 8 am.

While waiting, I play on my phone and listen to “The Adventures of Johnny Dollar” on the radio.
While scrolling on my phone, I see something from the corner of my eye.
I look, and it’s the Manager of Dollar General. She motions for me to come on into the store.
I hop out of my truck and walk in.

“Is it okay for me to be here?” I ask her.

“Yes, Sir. We’re going to open for you because you are such a good customer.”

I am in the Dollar General every other day and some weeks daily, so I am a regular.

“All the lights are off. It feels weird,” I say as I walk to the aisle I need to be on.

I grab my stuff and head to the register.

“Thank you for doing this for me. I thought I was gonna have to wait thirty minutes.”

“You’re Welcome. It’s just that you are such a good customer, and I wanted to do it for you.”

I smile. “Thank you. Really.”

She smiles back. “You’re Most Welcome.”

I pay and head back to my truck.

Later in the morning, I texted my Uncle to see if it was a good time to stop by and sit on the porch and talk.
He told me to “Come on by.”

I love sitting on the porch with my Aunt and Uncle. They are a Library of Knowledge.
They love each other more today than on the day they were Married. And each day, their love grows more.

“Lynn, do you read ‘Blackburns’ Stories on Facebook?”

“I read some of his stories but never really get into his writings. I did read his last three or four stories,” I say back to my Uncle.

“He’s from Florida. Oh, I can’t think of the name now.”

I say, “Oh, yeah, he did tell where he was from in a recent story he posted. Wait, there’s a song that talks about that area. It’ll come to me, ♪way down yonder on the Chattahoochee; it gets hotter than a hootchie-cootchie♪ That song. He’s from Chattahoochee.

“Alan Jackson sings that song.”
“Yep. Alan Jackson. I wonder what he’s doing nowadays?”

“Anyway, Blackburn. He’s from the Chattahoochee area of Florida.”

“I like his stories because I can relate to a lot of things that he writes about, such as cutting wood to be loaded onto a train.”

“Oh, okay. See, I can’t really relate to that.”

“And, that’s okay, Lynn.” My Uncle tells me.

My Aunt says, “I think Alan Jackson put out a song not too long ago.”
“Oh, okay,” I answer.

A little after twelve, I say my “I Love You’s and Good-Byes.”
And, as I drive away, I’m a little sad. I wish I could’ve stayed longer. I love sitting on the porch with them and enjoying life. Not just enjoying life but talking about life. They have given me a lot of wisdom over the years.

Back at home, I have two “Sneaky Petes” Hot Dogs waiting on me.

“Sneaky Petes” is a Fast Food Hot Dog and Hamburger place.
They put a Special Sauce on their Hot Dogs. I believe it is a Greek Sauce which tells me that the Original Owner was Greek.

In the Birmingham, Alabama, area, we have a lot of Greek Families.
Many have opened 4-Star Restaurants, and some have opened Fast Food Restaurants, and every-single Restaurant has great food.
Every chance I get to visit a Greek Restaurant, I jump on it.

I scarf down my two Hot Dogs and a Small Fry.

And now, I’ve just given myself my insulin, and I’m sitting here wondering what to write about today.