Man Cave

What’s your ideal “Man Cave?”

Women can answer this as well. Many women probably loved helping their Husband build their Man Cave.

I was watching some show on TV, and it was showing this guy’s “Man Cave.”
All he really had was a Game Room.
What games did he have? Nintendo and Playstation.
No Pool Tables. No Pinball Machine.
It was a game room with a big TV.

Personally, I agree with Barney Fife on this subject.

A Man Cave should have Leather furniture. It should smell of Pipe Tobacco, even if you don’t smoke, and Leather.

A Pool Table, Dart Board, and Pinball Machine are a must.
If you drink, which I don’t, add a mini-bar with a small assortment of drinks.

Dark Wood floors would be a plus.

A Man Cave should have a large Smart TV with Baseball, Football, or Basketball playing while you shoot Pool.
More than one Smart TV would be a plus.

And, if you know me, you know I don’t watch many sports. My friends do, though, and when building a Man Cave, you should remember to include things for your friends.
I personally like Darts and Pinball. My friends all shoot Pool.

And the Dog is always allowed in the Man Cave. Always.
Remember to add things for your Dog too.
And in the Man Cave, your best friend is not a d-o-g.
He’s a D-A-W-G.

And that’s a Man Cave.
—In my opinion.

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