Looking at my clock, I saw that it was 1:45 pm.
I quickly went out to the car to leave.
I was headed to get my Niece from School, and if you’re late getting in the School Line… …Well, it takes a long time to get out of there.

I hop in the vehicle and start down the road.
A mile into my trip, the “Low Fuel” light comes on.
I’m in my Mom’s car, so I wasn’t aware of the fuel situation. I stop at the local gas station.
I figured I had ten extra minutes, and that’s all I needed to get some gas.

At the Station, I get out, put the Gas Nozzle into the tank, and I reach for my Wallet to pay for the gas. A car pulls behind me and waits on me.
And I reach some more in my pocket. And I reach in the other pocket.
I realize what I’ve done.

“Crap… I left it at home.”

And like a dummy, or as we say in our family, “A Good’n,” I put the Gas Nozzle back up, wave like a loser to the car behind me, and crawl into the car like a… “Good’n.”

I drive back home, get my Wallet, and drive to the School first instead of getting gas first.
Getting into that School Line early is important.
Mom’s vehicle tells how many miles I have left with the gas I have, and it tells me that I have 31 miles to go. So, I wasn’t really risking much since the School is only a few miles away.

I arrive at the School.

“Dang it!” I say as I slam my hands against the Steering Wheel.

I say to myself, “You’re a ‘Good’n’ Lynn…You’re such a ‘Good’n…'”


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