A/C Out In Vehicle

So, the A/C in my vehicle went out today. …And then, came back on. …And then went back out. …And then back on.
And when it would go out, it went out— No sounds, no air blowing, nothing.

I got back to the cabin and turned the vehicle off. Then, curious if the A/C would come back on after cranking my truck, I cranked it. The A/C didn’t come back on.

Many people tried to help me out after posting about it on my personal Facebook page. (Thank you to everyone who tried to help)

We have one family member who owns a garage, and he called me and told me to try replacing the “AC Clutch Relay.”
So, I headed to Pigeon Forge to buy a new “AC Clutch Relay.”

The trip to “Auto Zone” was slow because it’s the weekend and a Holiday Weekend at that.
My A/C didn’t work the whole drive over.

I got to Auto Zone, and they did not have one in stock.
It just so happened that “O’Reilly’s Auto Parts” was next door. So I headed over to them.
They had just one left for $7.99
I bought it.
I switched it out and cranked the truck up to see if my A/C was now working… It wasn’t…

I then went back inside.
I asked the guy behind the counter if he could test the relays out for me, and he did. Both the old relay and the new relay that I had just purchased worked. That meant that the problem with my A/C was something else. Which also meant that it would have to wait until I got back home.

I headed back to the cabin with my windows down and sweating.

When I got to our driveway, I hit a bump, and the A/C came back on…
I just hope it works tomorrow.

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