Music Outlet

—Music Outlet—

I had a busy day today.

I headed over to “Music Outlet” in Sevierville, Tennessee.
They’ve been in business for 45 Years.

My salesman told me his Father and Uncle started the business 45 years ago.
I love buying my musical instruments from Family Owned and Operated businesses.
This time, however, I wasn’t buying for me. Instead, I was buying for dad.

Several years ago, I bought dad a Gibson Les Paul Epiphone Guitar and Amp.
He loved it; he doesn’t like having to drag out the Amp every time he wants to play, though.
So, he asked if I would find him a good acoustic guitar at a reasonable price.

He asks this of me while I’m at the Cabin in Gatlinburg, Tn.
I knew of the “Music Outlet” and had wanted to visit it, and today, I got my chance to see the place for the first time.

The word “WOW!” does not adequately describe the impression I get after opening the door and walking inside.

You could compare the feeling to that of a book enthusiast walking into an old book store for the first time.
Seeing and smelling it all at once is a magical experience.

They sell a lot of “Stringed” instruments. A lot. Everything from acoustic guitars to Bass Fiddles. They sell it and have a massive inventory of it.
Plus, they let me play “Stairway” while testing out the guitar I wanted.
“Stairway To Heaven” is usually not allowed to be played anymore in music stores… It’s actually frowned upon…

A lot of recording and touring artists get their instruments from this place.

I told my salesman what I wanted, and he began showing me everything he had, and I believe he genuinely wanted me to be a happy customer.

I told him how much I could spend, and with his help, I ended up spending less than what I had planned.

I know this sounds like a commercial, but I do enjoy getting to go to a music store and look around. It’s even better when I get to buy something.

And now, I have this nice Fender Acoustic Guitar to keep me company for the rest of my trip. I might even name her before I give her to dad.

I am now back at the Cabin and getting this guitar setup.

I’d say it was a good day.

That’s all for now.

Love you,



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