Blog 7/28/2022

I had a great day today!

I met up with two friends, a Husband, and a Wife, and we took off on a journey.

The destination? Jasper, Alabama, to visit the grave of George Lindsey.
You may or may not know that George Lindsey played “Goober” on The Andy Griffith Show.
He was born and raised in Alabama, and when he passed away, he got buried in the town he grew up in, Jasper, Alabama.

My friends picked me up at the “Park and Ride” off the Interstate in Hayden, Alabama. It’s actually at the bottom of the hill where I live.
Then we took the Warrior-Jasper Road on our search for “Goobers” Grave.
It wasn’t so much a “search” since I’d been there once before.

After visiting the grave, we walked the streets of Jasper taking in the beauty. The town is beautiful.
To me, it looks like your All-American Town with many places to shop and eat. Many “Mom and Pop” businesses.

Afterward, we stopped by “Son’s Smokehouse” in Jasper to grab a bite.
If I’m correct, there was one big building that contained “Son’s Grocery,” “Son’s Pharmacy,” and “Son’s Smokehouse.”
I’d like to learn more about the “Sons.” I am guessing it’s a family-owned business, and I’d like to know how it all got started.
Maybe next trip.
The BBQ Sandwich was delicious as well as the Tea.

I was having such a great time and living “In the moment” that I didn’t take but one or two pictures the whole time.

My friend is just as big a Mayberry Fan as I am, so he and I both had a lot of fun.

It was a beautiful day.

Love you,