7/9/21 Busy Day

I had a busy day today.

Let me start by saying that my bedroom is my living space.
It has a recliner, bed, TV, Handicapped Bathroom, etc.

It also has many medical supplies stored in clear, 64-quart storage boxes that stack on top of one another.

Also, it contains many things from my house in Huntsville, Ala., where I lived my bachelor’s life. Things I cannot store anywhere. Things I don’t want to part with.

My mom says that my bedroom is not “homie or welcoming” at all, and I agree.

To remedy this, we had my cousin bring a piece of furniture into my room.
We’re not sure what the name of this piece of furniture is… We are going with “Armoire,” though.

So, I spent the day clearing out four 64-quart storage boxes and putting my medical supplies in the Armoire. (If it’s called that)

I’ll admit that it does look a lot better, as well as functions a lot better.

Before, I might have had to move boxes around to get the supplies that I needed. Now, though, I open a door and take what I need. Easy.

I then took a shower and went to my dentist’s office to get my permanent crown.

My dentist’s office has a TV in each of the rooms. But, unfortunately, they never have the TVs on. Today, though, they had the TVs on and had the TV in my room tuned in to The Food Network.

The easiest part of my day was sitting in that chair, relaxed, and watching meals getting cooked—all while getting my crown.

I was starving by the time they got finished with me.

Of course, the dentist said, “Don’t eat for several hours. That glue needs to dry…”

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