Health Update 7/8/21

To All Who Keep Up With My Health:

I posted that I’ve always had a fast heartbeat.
But, on my last visit to my Primary Care Physician, my heart rate was in the ‘120’s Bpm. So, I got referred over to a heart doctor. I had that visit today.

I had an EKG done today, and, as usual, my heart rate was around 110Bpm.

The doctor thought that I needed to wear a monitor for two weeks and have a stress test on my heart.

The heart monitors have come a long way.
It is now a tiny device that tapes to your shoulder.
Not at all like the old heart monitors that had around eight wires taped to your chest to record your heartbeat.

I’ll wear the monitor for two weeks, then take it off, put it in the already addressed box, and mail it back. Simple.

I’ll have the stress test in August.
I am not looking forward to that.

That is the latest on me.

Love you,