Urine Not Looking Good

First off, I feel fine.
I am not running a fever, either.

Today, this morning, really, my urine looked real bad. Like “Pet Milk.”
It’s normal for me to have pus or mucus in my urine. (At least, that is what it looks like)
Today, however, my urostomy bag looks like a bag full of Pet Milk.

Since I began traveling, my urologist and I went over things to do in case I’m ever on the road and get sick.

I keep antibiotics on hand, and I have a way to get a message to him in an emergency.
I’m also to flush my kidneys and drink Cranberry Juice.

With today being Saturday and my doctor being off for the weekend, I’m doing what he and I discussed.
I sent him a message and began taking my antibiotics.
I’m also flushing my kidneys.

I hope I don’t wind up in the hospital and have to cancel my trip to Mt. Airy, NC.