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4/13/2022 —Love— I had a Breakdown today. It started over the littlest thing. That’s how they all start.Then, eventually, you get to the truth of the matter. You figure out why you had the breakdown.I began to wail out loud. It was intense. I remembered that one particular surgery, my 30th-something surgery, when my late…

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ER Visit

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—ER Visit— I had been sick for over Five Days.And, for Five Days, I also had a torn-up stomach. I ate a lot of Tomato Soup during this time and “Campbell’s Cream of Potato Soup.”I was pleasantly surprised with Campbell’s Potato Soup and Progresso’s Tomato Soup with Basil, but I digress. At 8 PM, my…

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The Family

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—The Family— I was at the hospital at 3 AM because I hang out at hospitals at 3 AM. Where do you hang out at 3 AM? In “Triage,” I’m sitting in a chair, my arms hugging my stomach, and saying to my nurse, “They’re seven minutes apart, I tell ya. I’ve been timin’ ’em.”…

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Medical Entry 3/16/2022

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—Medical Journal Entry— At 2 AM on 3/16/2022, I woke up with tremendous pain in my lower left and right back. —Kidney Pain— I got out of bed and immediately emptied my nighttime urine bag to monitor my urine output. (To monitor, I needed to start at zero CCs) In a great deal of pain,…

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To All Who Keep Up with My Health

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—To All Who Keep Up with My Health— I saw my Urologist today for my regular appointment. You may remember that I had stents put in both of my Kidneys about four months ago.This was to try and improve my Hydro-Nephrosis Kidneys.Hydro-Nephrosis is usually easily resolved for a typical person. However, with me having a…

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Daily Blog

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2/26/2022 —Daily Blog—2/26/2022 I slept well after getting home yesterday. I didn’t wake up until 5 AM.—6 AM EST, or “Cabin Time.” That’s about 17 hours of sleep. I let our Dawg “Tommy” outside and began the task of unloading the vehicle.I had taken Mom’s vehicle to the Cabin on this last trip because my…

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A Bad Morning

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—A Bad Morning— I woke at 3 AM EST. My Spinal Cord was in pain as usual. However, this particular pain only happens every six months or so. I get up, and immediately, my Spinal Cord bends me over— Literally.I can’t stand up straight when it’s like this.It proves to me, once again, that my…

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Walking With Spina Bifida

Tooth Extraction – ‘Gowd’ Crown

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—Gold Crown— Today I visited my dentist to have a tooth “Extracted.” To tell you the truth, I’d much rather have heard my dentist tell me that he’s going to pull my tooth.Instead, he says, “Mr. Thomas, we’re going to ‘extract’ that tooth today.” I looked at the tools on the tray, and I saw…

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Spina Bifida – The Birds And The Bees

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—Spina Bifida And The Birds And The Bees— No two people born with Spina Bifida are the same. It affects everyone differently. When I was born, the doctors thought I wouldn’t be able to walk.After having my Spina Bifida repaired surgically, and it was safe to lay me on my back, my Mother would lay…

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Dentist – That’s Gotta Come Out

By pwsadmin / December 29, 2021 / Comments Off on Dentist – That’s Gotta Come Out

—The Dentist 1998— I can still hear my dentist saying it. “Gold will last until you’re around fifty years old. The other won’t last that long.” I was in my twenties and getting my first crown. I was officially an adult…I chose Gold. “Mom, guess what? I got a gold tooth. Yeah. For real. …I’m…

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