Walking With Spina Bifida

Tooth Extraction – ‘Gowd’ Crown

By pwsadmin / January 24, 2022 /

—Gold Crown— Today I visited my dentist to have a tooth “Extracted.” To tell you the truth, I’d much rather have heard my dentist tell me that he’s going to pull my tooth.Instead, he says, “Mr. Thomas, we’re going to ‘extract’ that tooth today.” I looked at the tools on the tray, and I saw…

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Spina Bifida – The Birds And The Bees

By pwsadmin / January 15, 2022 /

—Spina Bifida And The Birds And The Bees— No two people born with Spina Bifida are the same. It affects everyone differently. When I was born, the doctors thought I wouldn’t be able to walk.After having my Spina Bifida repaired surgically, and it was safe to lay me on my back, my Mother would lay…

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Dentist – That’s Gotta Come Out

By pwsadmin / December 29, 2021 /

—The Dentist 1998— I can still hear my dentist saying it. “Gold will last until you’re around fifty years old. The other won’t last that long.” I was in my twenties and getting my first crown. I was officially an adult…I chose Gold. “Mom, guess what? I got a gold tooth. Yeah. For real. …I’m…

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Blog – 12/16/2021

By pwsadmin / December 16, 2021 /

—Blog 12/16/2021— The day started out as usual—me getting up at 4 AM being shocked by my Spinal Cord.That’s the closest thing to describing it. —Electrocution. I drag myself out of bed, put my clothes on and decide to drive around, listening to XM Channel 148, Classic Radio. Around 7 AM, I’m feeling better. So…

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Diabetes Update

By pwsadmin / December 6, 2021 /

—To Family and Friends Who Keep Up With My Health— I saw my endocrinologist today. He’s in charge of my diabetes, among other things. My A1C was 7.4% today.On my last check, it was 7.5%. The lower, the better.My goal is to get back to 5.8%, which is what it was one year ago. I’m…

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Latest On Me

By pwsadmin / December 1, 2021 /

I know I haven’t been posting much lately.With Tennis Elbow in both my arms, it’s a bit tough typing. Sometimes it downright hurts to type. Today I went through my calendar for December and counted 7 doctor appointments. 2 are for me to get shots in my arm to help with my Tennis Elbow. I’m…

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A Busy Day 11/11/2021

By pwsadmin / November 12, 2021 /

—A Busy Day— It’s been a pretty hectic day for me today. I had two doctor appointments.The first was just a check-up where I found out that everything was fine as far as my Stent procedure went.In Fact, I’m putting out more urine through my Urostomy than I used to put out before getting the…

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Health Update 11/9/2021

By pwsadmin / November 9, 2021 /

—Health Update— I haven’t posted much since getting my stents placed in my Kidneys. I got my stents on Wednesday.Everything was going fine and, yes, my Kidneys were a bit sore but nothing I couldn’t handle. Then, on Friday, I became ill.My symptoms were: Temperatur of 100.4Cold SweatsHead felt “full” (If that makes sense)Nasal DrainageThe…

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Stent Procedure 11/3/2021

By pwsadmin / November 4, 2021 /

—Stent Procedure 11/3/2021— At 10:00 AM, mom and I arrived at the hospital to check-in. I was to have my procedure at Noon.At 10:30 AM, mom and I were taken back to a private room with a bed, T.V., and equipment to take my Vitals. I was then told to get naked and put on…

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11/2/2021 Update

By pwsadmin / November 2, 2021 /

—Update—11/2/2021 The doctor’s office called to confirm my procedure scheduled for tomorrow.I’m to arrive at the hospital at 10 AM for a Noon Procedure. I asked if it would be outpatient or if I would stay, and the nurse said they were planning on it being outpatient. She went on to say, “Of course, that…

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