Cherokee Grill

After I finished up at the “Titanic Museum,” I was hungry. —Hungry for a big steak and baked potato.

I made my way over to “Cherokee Grill,” located in Gatlinburg.

The place was not busy, and I was quickly seated.

While looking at the menu, I decided to go all out and order nothing but the best tonight. Yes, sir, nothing but the best tonight.

My waitress brought me my water, and I put in an order for a Shrimp Cocktail. Yes, sir, nothing but the best tonight.

I ordered a 14 ounce Prime Grade New York Strip and a loaded baked potato with a salad for my main meal. Yes, sir, nothing but the best tonight.

I told my waitress that I probably wouldn’t be able to finish it all, but I did. I ate every bite.

The steak is simply one of the best steaks I’ve had.
Shame on anyone who dips this steak into a steak sauce. Shame, shame, shame, on them…

The salad was so fresh that I had to ask my waitress if they bought their vegetables locally.

“Yes, everything that we can get local, we get local, and that includes all the vegetables and the trout.”

My waitress was a delight.
She and her husband work at Cherokee Grill.
He works in the kitchen, and she works as a waitress.
Together, they have two children: one Seven-year-old and one Nine year old.
She told me that it was a joy working at a restaurant that actually has great food. And she is correct; the food is terrific.

Yes, sir, nothing but the best tonight.

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