Dandridge TN. – Can’t Sleep

It’s 3:30 AM When I awake.

My left arm is killing me, and I immediately feel the old familiar Hip Pain as well as Spinal Cord pain.

I try to be as quiet as I can and get out of bed.

The only thing that will help this pain go away is walking around or finding a hard chair and sitting.
Driving around in the vehicle also helps, and Aunt Claudine told me that I could use her vehicle if I needed to ride around.
I don’t want to ride around in a strange town, though.

It’s clear that by the time I put my shorts and shirt back on, I’ve woken everyone up. So I quietly apologize and sneak out the door of our room to go down the hall and get a diet Coke out of the machine.

By the time I get back to the room and sit down, the alarm clock on my smartphone goes off. See, It’s now 4:00 AM CST, but I am in the Eastern Time Zone, and it’s 5:00 AM EST.
I had set my alarm on my phone to go off at 5:00 AM Yesterday, and I forgot to turn that alarm clock setting “OFF.”

It’s now 5:10 AM. Everyone is back to sleep, or they’re trying to get back to sleep.

I’ve finished my Diet Coke, and I think I will try and sneak out of this room to get a coffee from the pot in the Lobby. The receptionist said that they keep the coffee fresh 24 hours a day.

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