Mt. Airy Trip – Day 1

We made our way to Dandridge, TN., today.

I know that’s where we are because I asked my phone, “Okay, Google, Where am I?”
My Smartphone replied, “You’re in Dandridge, TN.”

We left the house around 10 AM CST, headed as close to Mt. Airy, NC., as we could get before wearing ourselves out. —Apparently, that is Dandridge, Tn.

We did lose an hour around Pigeon Forge, TN, due to a wreck or road-work. We’re actually not sure why we kept stopping and going, over and over.

We decided to eat at “The Cracker Barrell” for lunch.

I love shopping in the old “Pop” drinks section of the Country Store part of Cracker Barrell.

I purchased three drinks, all alcohol-free. I tell you that they are alcohol-free because one of them is indeed called “Butterscotch Beer.”
I’m guessing it is like “Root Beer.”

While showing off my great finds to my Aunt Claudine, she replied, “Eww! Why did you buy ‘Swamp Poop’?!”

“It’s not ‘Swamp Poop, ‘ Aunt Claudine! It’s called ‘Swamp Pop’ ‘POP’! Like ‘Mountain Dew’ but ‘Swamp Pop,’ Get it?”

At the Dandridge exit, there were four or five different hotels/motels from which to choose. So, we got off that exit and began looking for a room in our price range for tonight.

I had already come up with $98 as our room budget for the night.
It’s Wednesday, the middle of the week, and I’ve learned from my travels that $98 is how much it should cost us for one room with two beds for tonight.

We first went to “Holiday Inn Express” to see about a room.
That was going to cost us $125 for what we wanted.
“Aunt Claudine” gave the man behind the counter her famous “Mean” stare and said, “C’mon, let’s go. We’ll shop around…” I felt like Pawpaw was in the room with us.

We then stopped at the “Super 8” to get a price quote, and it was right on the nose, $98 for one room with two beds for one night.
We paid for the night and made our way to our room.

If we get hungry, we have several options for food.
A “Shoney’s, Wendy’s, Arby’s” are located right down from us.

We are now watching the news on TV.

Aunt Claudine and Shirley are already in bed.
I am sitting at the little table provided to type this post. I will then get in my bed and hit the sack.

We will get up early and finish our drive into Mt. Airy, NC.

My map tells me that we are about three hours away.
We can’t check in until tomorrow evening, So, we will probably do a few things as soon as we get into Mt. Airy before we check into the “Mayberry Motor Inn.”

That is all for now.

Love you,