Diabetes Update

—To Family and Friends Who Keep Up with My Health—

I have some news regarding my Diabetes.

When I was first diagnosed with Diabetes, my A1C was 9.7, and my Blood Sugar was a whopping 950.
Doctors like for your A1C to be 7 or below and for your Blood Sugar to be around 100.
I believe I got diagnosed around 2018. I know it was before COVID.

I was put on, I think, 26 Units of Long-Acting Insulin daily and a Quick-Acting Insulin for when I ate.
I took 1000 MG of Metformin in the AM and 1000 MG at night.
Also, in the beginning, I had to give myself finger pricks to check my Blood Sugar. I had to check my Blood Sugar around 6 times daily.

Later, I was put on the FreeStyle Libre Sensor to use my Smart Phone to check my Blood Sugar. That was a Game-Changer. I was then able to scan the Sensor and make changes quickly, such as giving myself Insulin or taking in Sugar and Protein.

Eventually, as I got better at keeping up with my body, the 26 Units of Long-Acting Insulin got weened down to 16 Units a day. Then, 14 Units, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, and finally, 2 Units of Long-Acting Insulin a day.

This week, my A1C was in the 5s, and I was taken off all Insulin.
My Metformin also got cut in half—500 MG in the AM and 500 MG at night.

This all happened because I was having to take in Sugar and Carbs to keep my Blood Sugar above 100, and I knew something was wrong.
I was downing Slushes (Grape and Strawberry) like crazy to keep myself from crashing.

I don’t know what is going on, though.
I don’t know if this is temporary or permanent.
I don’t know if this is Good News or what.
What I do know is that this morning, my Blood Sugar was 135 when I woke up.
That’s with no Insulin and only half the dose of Metformin that I was taking.

The doctors are able to look at my numbers using the FreeStyle Libre System. It uploads all the data, using my Smart Phone, to a website so the doctors can check it in real time.
The doctors are keeping a check on it.

And that is the latest with my Diabetes Health.

Love you,


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