Dr. Morgan

“You’ve got to drink something, Dang it! Do you not see that we are trying to keep you alive?! I don’t care if you drink Sweet Tea, Water, Mountain Dew, or what! You’ve got to take in fluids, or your Kidneys are going to shut down!”

“Boy, I’ve really ticked him off this time,” I remember thinking. “He even cussed. And in front of momma.” So, No, he did not say, “Dang it.”

During this period of my life, the ’80s, I took in very little fluids. It was a problem.
And, I think I had unknowingly taught my body to get used to taking in minimal amounts of liquids. I could be wrong.

My doctor calmed down a little. “Lynn, we are all part of one team. You know what a team is? You have to do your part. I could sit here and tell you that life has dealt you a crappy hand, but I’m not going to do that. The fact is, you got dealt this hand because you’re the one who can handle it. Okay?”

“Okay. But everything I drink comes out, and I wet myself. It ain’t fun.”

The doctor looked me in the eyes.
“You’ll just have to change your diaper more often, then. But you are always to have something to sip on in your hands. You have to take in a lot of fluids, okay? You have to do your part for the team. Okay?”

“And I can drink what I want?”

“Ahem… Yes…sure…I guess I can’t blame you for that.”

“Dr. Morgan” has always been one of my favorite doctors.
And the ’80s were different.
I mean, you could still smoke in your hospital bed while staying in the hospital back then.
Younger doctors of today are not like the doctors back then. As a patient, you can sense it.

The doctors I have now, though, are still great.
Doctor Morgan sent me to my current Urologist. He even recommended him.

And to this day, and you can ask anyone in my life, I always have something to sip on in my hands.
And I got told after my last Kidney Scan that my Kidneys are strong and doing well.

Thank you, Dr. Morgan. I love you.