ER Visit

—ER Visit—

I had been sick for over Five Days.
And, for Five Days, I also had a torn-up stomach.

I ate a lot of Tomato Soup during this time and “Campbell’s Cream of Potato Soup.”
I was pleasantly surprised with Campbell’s Potato Soup and Progresso’s Tomato Soup with Basil, but I digress.

At 8 PM, my Colon began hurting. It felt like it was twisting and cramping up.
The pain was sharp and lasted about a minute each time.
I lay down to try and get some sleep.

A little after 1 AM, the pain has not let up.
I called my Primary Care Physician’s office and got the after-hours nurse.
I told the nurse what was going on. I even told her that the pains were every seven minutes apart. I had timed it.

The nurse pulled my chart up and looked at all the notes that my doctor had left.
Then, the nurse said, “It could be many things with you. All of which require a doctor. So, I advise you to go to the ER.”

I keep a Hospital Bag packed at all times for times such as this.
I got my hospital bag, told Papa what was going on, and headed for the hospital. The time was about 2:30 AM.

At about 3:00 AM, I arrive.
I walk into the hospital.
The lobby is empty. It’s quiet. So quiet.

I walk to the counter and tell the front desk who I am and why I was there.
I then begin filling out paperwork.

I quickly get Triaged, and at around 3:45 AM, I’m in a room in the back.

The doctor pokes around on my Colon, which brings me out of bed each time he pokes.
I explained that I had been sick for over five days.
The doctor asked if my Colostomy had been working correctly during that time. I explained that I had a torn-up stomach during the whole time.
He orders for me to get a scan of my abdomen.

The scan comes back good.
Everything looks good and appears to be working properly.
No twists or obstructions were seen.

The doctor tells me that he believes my Colon was irritated.
He went on to say that it could be because, for over five days, my stomach had been torn up.

To which I replied, “You tellin’ me I’ve pooped too much?”

I was given a prescription for Gastro Spasms and sent home.
The medicine has helped, and I’ve been taking it easy.
And my stomach is no longer torn up.

That’s all for now.

Love you,