The Family

—The Family—

I was at the hospital at 3 AM because I hang out at hospitals at 3 AM. Where do you hang out at 3 AM?

In “Triage,” I’m sitting in a chair, my arms hugging my stomach, and saying to my nurse, “They’re seven minutes apart, I tell ya. I’ve been timin’ ’em.”

“I’ve never heard of that. That’s really weird.”

“Yeah, it is. Every seven minutes—like clockwork.”
I went on, “I called my doctor, and the after-hours nurse told me to come to the hospital. Every seven minutes, my Colon knots up. I’m worried that it might be another Intususeption of something…”

My nurse says back, “We’ll have to get a scan. For now, though, have a seat in the lobby and let me get you all set.”

“Okay,” and I walk back out to the lobby.

The lobby is empty. I have the place to myself, which is good. Every seven minutes, I can scream out in pain without feeling self-conscious about myself.

A young man runs in through the doors.

“I need a wheelchair! Where do I get a wheelchair? Never mind, I see it!” And he grabs a wheelchair and rushes back out the doors.

Within seconds he pushes his pregnant wife in at top speed.
The couple is no older than 20 years old, I’d guess.

The husband shouts out, “She’s thirty-nine weeks, waters broke, and they’re one minute apart! Oh yeah, and I called!”

The man behind the desk immediately has the “Labor and Delivery Department” on the phone and repeats everything to them.

“They’re on their way down to get you two!”

The man gently kisses his wife’s sweaty forehead and says, “It’s going to be alright, baby. I promise. I love you so much.”

Looking into her husband’s eyes, the wife says, “I love you too, baby,” and she takes his hand into hers.

Two nurses come to them and take Mommy and Daddy up to Delivery.

I’m again in the lobby all alone. …And I’m speechless. I can’t help but get misty-eyed, taking in what I’ve just witnessed.

“Mr. Thomas, we’re ready for you, now. Follow me, please.”

I walk over. My nurse turns around and asks, “Every seven minutes, huh?…”

“Yeah, …like clockwork.”

—I’ll post about myself in another post—