Medical Entry 3/16/2022

—Medical Journal Entry—

At 2 AM on 3/16/2022, I woke up with tremendous pain in my lower left and right back. —Kidney Pain—

I got out of bed and immediately emptied my nighttime urine bag to monitor my urine output. (To monitor, I needed to start at zero CCs)

In a great deal of pain, I get my emergency Hospital Bag out and quickly check it to ensure I have everything in it.
It contains enough Colostomy and Urostomy Supplies to last Seven Days.
It also has toiletries, undershirts, shorts, etc.
My Medical Bag was ready to go. I set it to the side.
I had every intention of going to the Hospital.

I take a Vitamin C tablet—1000mg.

The pain is now so bad that I get on my knees in agony.
Fifteen Minutes have passed since I emptied my Urine Bag, and I notice that very little Urine is in my Bag.

My body does not have a Bladder. In all reality, my Urostomy Bag is my Bladder.
I have a Foley Catheter inserted into my Urostomy to help the Urine come out more quickly.
Mucus, which my body produces a lot of, sometimes clogs up the Foley Catheter.
I am now thinking that my Catheter has gotten clogged up with Mucus.

I barely stand up, go into the bathroom, and open my medical supplies.
I grab an Irrigation Syringe.
I hook it up to the end of my Foley Catheter and suction out a good bit of Mucus.
I reconnect everything.
Within One Minute, over 300CCs of Urine is now in my Urine Bag, and my pain is beginning to get better.
Within Ten Minutes, my Urine Bag has over 800CCs of Urine, and my pain is about gone.

I wanted to post this Journal Entry to give you a glimpse into the life of someone who lives with a Urostomy.
It is now 3:30 AM.
I’ll post this on my Patient Portal as well.