Mt. Airy 7/14/22

—Mt. Airy 7/14/22—

We pulled in later than I expected to “The Mayberry Motor Inn.”

The Mayberry Motor Inn is the Primary Location we “TAGS Fans” stay when visiting Mt. Airy, NC.

I had planned on pulling in around Noon EST, but traffic on the Interstate was backed up in many areas.

On my way here, I felt like “Malcolm Tucker” in the “Man In A Hurry” episode.
Honking my horn, slamming on breaks, and hollerin’ words at the other motorists while stuck in traffic.
I was in a hurry!
A hurry to get to… …” Oh yeah. I’m in a hurry to get to ‘Mayberry,’ USA.”
And then I thought about the Preacher’s famous words that woke Gomer up from his deep sleep: “What’s Your Hurry?!?”
And I slowed back down.
Once I slowed back down, everything else worked itself out.

Around “Fancy Gap,” I got off the Interstate, and in another thirty minutes, I eased into the parking lot of “The Mayberry Motor Inn.”

We checked in, got our room key, and unpacked our vehicle.

I’ve made a run to the local “Dollar General” to get a few supplies such as “Dukes Mayonnaise” and “Wonder Bread.”

The room we’re staying in is nice.
I’m told that it was renovated last year.

I’ve unpacked my laptop and checked the internet out.

The TV is turned on to “MeTV.”

And, …all is well in Mayberry.

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