Mt. Airy – Day 2 – Midday Update

—Mt. Airy – Day 2 – Midday Report—

Mt. Airy is a hopping town today.

Snappy Lunch had a line outside the door, and people were walking all up and down Main Street.
The Squad Car Tours also had a line and a one-hour wait. We gladly waited.

I love to see a town such as Mt. Airy, NC., thriving.
All of the locals have been very nice to us; And, no, I’m not referring to “Gomer’s” Date “Mary Grace” nice. They have been genuinely nice.

The Squad Car Tour is a must if you haven’t taken it yet.

It starts at the Rock Quarry, which plays a big part in the history of this town, and then goes through Andy Griffiths life in this town and talks about how this town played a part in “The Andy Griffith Show.”

The tour takes you down the streets mentioned in the show, the funeral parlor mentioned on the show, Andy Griffiths childhood home, and much more. The tour lasts about 45 minutes and costs $40 per tour (Not including the tip for the driver).

Afterward, we came back to our room to take a nap to be ready for the “Meet-Up” tonight.

I can’t wait.

Love you all,