Mt. Airy – Day 2 -Morning Update

—Mt. Airy – Day 2 – Morning Update—

I awoke this morning to the sun shining through the sides of the curtains and Andy Griffith Playing on the TV.

My Aunt Claudine and my Step Grandmother, Shirley, are with me on this trip.

I remember that I once told Papaw that Nana stepped away to go ahead of us into Heaven and Shirley Stepped in to take care of me the rest of the way. He and Shirley both smiled after I said that.
I love Shirley dearly.
In fact, I’ve mailed her letters through the Post Office. You know I love you if I go through the trouble of sending a letter through the US Mail.
—I digress, though.

We’re going to try and schedule a Squad Car Tour for today. We may have to do it tomorrow.
There are many people here for the “Meet-Up,” and the tours may be booked for today.

On this trip, I plan on taking Shirley and Aunt Claudine to eat at “The Loaded Goat.” Everyone I’ve talked to, including “Ms. Betty Lynn,” has told me to be sure and eat at “The Loaded Goat” restaurant.

There is also a popular Soda Fountain that serves Malts, ice cream, sodas, etc., that I want us to try.

Tonight, however, the real fun begins.
Tonight, we will gather around the Pavilion, along with many other folks, and watch “The Andy Griffith Show” on a big screen.
We will use a portable AM/FM Radio to listen while watching. I can’t wait.

Everyone here have been so friendly.
I briefly spoke with Allan Newsome, but I was sweaty and had just driven in, so I didn’t officially introduce myself. I will do that today.

I have taken my shower and have all of my Mayberry attire on and am ready to go out and see “Mayberry.”

That is all for now.

Love you,