People Watching

10:57 PM
I pull into the parking lot of a Breakfast Place.

The parking lot has five vehicles, including mine.
I’m in the mood for a Steak and some Eggs. Maybe Coffee.
I head inside.

I sit at the bar since I’m on my own.

“You need a menu, sweety?” The waitress asks.

“Not tonight,” I order my Steak and Eggs. I add some Hashbrowns and Coffee to the order as well.

Ten minutes later, the parking lot becomes filled with Muddy Chevrolet and Ford Trucks.

“Get ready,” One waitress yells, “The Concert is over. Here they come!”

And, in an instant, this quiet little restaurant is full.
Everyone has on their Cowboy Hats and Boots.
I get my Steak and Eggs and “People Watch” while I eat my food.

One guy puts money in the Juke Box and plays “Tim McGraw” “I Like It, I Love It,” and the whole place sings aloud with Tim McGraw.
I take another bite of my Steak.

The waitress comes over to me and yells, “You need a refill?”

I yell back, “Yes, Please.”

The next song up is “Garth Brooks” “Friends In Low Places.”
Again, the whole place sings along.
I eat my Eggs and do more “People Watching.”

More people walk in to get a table or booth, but everything is taken.
So, they wait.
I eat more of my Steak.

“You gonna need that ketchup?”

“Naw, have at it,” and I hand my ketchup to my neighbor sitting next to me.

The Jukebox is now playing “Hank Williams Jr.” “A Country Boy Can Survive.”
People hold their glasses in the air as they sing along.
I wipe my mouth with my napkin as I finish up.

My waitress yells, “You through eatin’, Sweety?”

I wanted to stay longer, but she’s kicking me out because the line now has 20 people.

“Yes, Ma’am. I’m finished. You need me to leave?”

“Yeah. I’m sorry. I hate to kick anyone out, but we’re swamped, and I need that seat.”

“It’s okay. I understand,” and I hand her my card.

She hands me my card back and yells, “You just came on a bad night. A big concert is in town, and it just let out.”

I knew that, though. I knew the concert let out at 11 PM too.”
I was here last year when the same thing happened.
So, this year, I made plans to be back at the same time.
I had come to “People Watch.”

I signed my bill and yelled, “See ya next year!”

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