Post Procedure

I got woken by Jazz Music at 3 am this morning.

I have my Alexa set to play Jazz when it alerts me to wake up. And it does wake me up fast.

Like most Jazz, it’s always a song that starts with the Horn Section playing.

♪Waaaaah- Waaaaah-Weeeee-Weeeee♪—I hope you could hear that in your head.

By 4 am, I was sitting on the tailgate of my truck waiting for my Uncle, who was driving me to the Hospital and spending pretty much the whole morning with me. He showed up shortly after I walked outside.

We arrived at Grandview Medical Center at 4:55 am and proceeded to walk inside.


“Dang. I forgot my mask,” I said to my Uncle.

“It’s okay; I have plenty in the car,” he replied.

“Oh, wait. It says, ‘Masks provided at Front Desk.'”

So, we walked in and stood in line to get our masks.
The line was kinda long, too. A lot of people had forgotten their masks.

While inside, we ran into some of our Family from Mommas and my Paw-Paw’s side.
I don’t like giving out private personal information, so I’m not going to, but it was nice sitting with them and catching up.
I also took it as a good sign from God that we all ran into each other.

It wasn’t long before I got called back to my room, where the Nurse instructed me to get naked and put the Gown, Cap, and Socks on.

I’m very comfortable around much of my Family. Comfortable enough to let them see me naked. And this Uncle is no different.
I knew I’d need help tying the Gown in the back.
I also knew he’d seen me naked before. So has his Wife, my Aunt.
So, my Uncle helped me with my Gown. That’s love.

Next, I got into the bed, and he said a Prayer over me.
I also knew he would play an essential part in a ritual Mom and I started years ago. It’s something I do before every Procedure—more on that in a bit.

The Anastesiologist comes in and talks to me about his part of this Procedure.
I also notified him that I am “Hard to intubate.”
I have to tell all Anastesiologist’ that before any Procedure.

Afterward, the Anastesiologist Prayed over me. I love when the Medical Staff are not only Christian but Pray over their Patients before a Procedure.

Next, I told my Uncle that he had one more part to play.
The last thing I do before I go back for any Procedure is have Mom take my Necklace, with my Cross on it, off.
Since Mom wasn’t there to do it this time, my Uncle had to do it.
And he was glad to do it.

Finally, I was given something through my IV to make me feel comfortable, and I got taken back to the O.R.

Inside the O.R., a Mask got put over my nose.
I began saying “The Lord’s Prayer” out loud.
Then…I woke up. It was over. I think I only got the first sentence of the Prayer out before I was out.

I was in no pain.
I looked around to see what room I was in. Then, I lifted my Gown to look at my Stomach and make sure nothing bad had happened during the Procedure.
Basically, I performed my usual routine to make sure all was okay. And it was.

Now, I’m back at home and ready to go to the Hayden Homecoming Game tomorrow night.

And I think I’ve exceeded my 500-word limit with this post, so I’ll stop here.

That’s all for now.

Love you,