Ridin’ Around

—Ridin’ Around—

I got up around 2:30 PM today and got dressed to go to one of our local Fast Food Chains.

I had to hurry because the place gets slammed after schools let out, and it was already 2:30.

I ordered a “Twisted Pretzel” and a “Diet Coke.”

When I got to the window, the employee, who sees me all the time in the drive-thru, said, “You just get up?”


“Got up and thought you’d get a ‘Pretzel and ‘Coke, huh?'”

“Pretty much.” I smiled

I took the long way home so I could listen to “Jimmy Stewart” on an old-timey radio show, “The Six-Shooter.”

I think Jimmy Stewart did his best acting on the radio. —Back when families gathered around the radio to listen to shows instead of watching them on TV.

I promise, listening to ol’ Jimmy eat while he talks about “the situation” will make you hungry for whatever it is he’s eatin’.

(Read this in Jimmy Stewarts Voice)

“Mmm-mmm, No one makes better cornbread than you ‘Maud.'”

“‘Tom,’ try a piece of ‘Mauds’ cornbread. It’s pipin’ hot.”

“Now, what we need to do is,… mmm, that’s good, I think… these ‘Molasses’ are delicious… I think,… we need to go down to the saloon, mmm,… and talk to the fella’. Hear his side of the story before we go off half-cocked.”

“Well, let’s go, then!”

“But not until I finish eatin’ Maud’s pipin’ hot cornbread. mmm.”

When I got home, I heated up a piece of Mom’s cornbread and ate it with some Molasses.

I’m feeling much better today and have gotten my appetite back.

That’s all for now.

Love you,


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