Sick 10/13/2021

—Sick 10/13/2021—

I became sick today.

My stomach was torn up, and I was cold and shaky.

When this happens, my output, both 1 and 2, is very acidic.
The acid then tries to eat through my wafer, which is holding my bags, and, much like a river trying to forge a new path, the output tries to come out the side of the wafer instead of going in the bag.

So, I put new wafers and bags on me before going to bed.
I also straightened the pad out that I lay on in bed. It’s there to catch anything, should something burst while I’m asleep.

I go to bed.

At 6 PM, I awaken.
I’m shaking, have cold sweats, and need more blankets.

I then realized that the acid won. My bag has burst open while I slept.
Even though I put new wafers and bags on me, the acid forged a new path out the side of my wafer. (I hope that makes sense)

So, I’m cold, sweaty, sick, shaking, and no matter how I feel, I know I have to get into the shower.
I whisper, “Father, God, give me the strength.”

My momma is an Angel.

When I call for momma, I call her two ways:

“Momma, could you help me?”
“Momma, I need some help.”

She knows the difference between the two.
It’s one of the special features of a Momma.
I’ve had dreams where my momma is the biggest Angel in Heaven. I digress.

“Momma, I need some help,” I say out loud.

I hear her stop what she’s doing and walk towards me.

“What is it, baby? Oh, my. Okay, it’s no big deal. We’ve done it before. Let me get a towel.”

Believe it or not, mom and I have this down pat.
I have to get from my bed to my walk-in handicapped shower without making a bigger mess.

We wrap me in towels.

Mom leads my shaking, and weak body, to the shower.

The water feels like needles as it hits my body.
The water is hot but not hot enough. I’m still cold.
I turn the water to hotter.

I wash my body off with a soap that also kills germs.

Afterward, mom takes everything out to the yard and burns it.
At least, in my mind, that’s what I think happens.

My right Kidney is now hurting, and everything starts to make sense to me—an infection.

I take my antibiotic.

My temperature is not bad. Normal.
I also give myself a COVID test, just to make sure, and it shows that I do not have COVID.

I am now in bed: new bedsheets and a pad. However, I have my “Hospital Bag” ready to go, just in case.

I knew if I waited to Journal this tomorrow, it wouldn’t get done.

That’s all for now.

Love you,



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