Sweetwater – Day 1

—Sweetwater Day 1—

I awoke at 5 AM, local time, in Sweetwater, Tennessee.

I promise some mornings I feel like I’ve been shocked with electricity during my sleep. This morning is one of those mornings.

I put my clothes on and head to the front desk for some coffee.

In the breezeway, I stop and try to button up my shirt. I can’t seem to get the button in the hole, though. I’m standing there like a drunk “Otis Campbell” from “The Andy Griffith Show.”
After several minutes, I’ve managed to button three buttons, and I decide that’s enough buttons. I’m wearing an undershirt as well.

I get to the office, and the coffee machine is one of those that doesn’t use a coffee pot. Instead, you put your cup under the spout and push a button to get your coffee.
There are no cups, tops, or straws, though. The machine doesn’t even look like it’s turned on. Also, there is no one at the Front Desk. I decide to go back to my room.

Back in the room, there is a small coffee pot and a package of coffee.
“Small” is an understatement when describing this coffee pot. It will make two cups of coffee.
I decide to make coffee in my room. —Two cups are better than no cups…

My coffee is weak but not bad.
I finished my two cups and decided to call the front desk and ask about the coffee situation.

“Front desk, can I help you?”

“Yes, do you have coffee made at the front desk?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”
I roll my eyes because once again, I’ve been mistaken, over the phone, for a “Ma’am…”

I thank her and tell her that I’m on my way for a cup of Joe.

When I arrive at the front desk, the coffee machine is on, there are cups, lids, and straws out, and I make two cups of coffee to take back to the room.

I’m now ready to get this day started.

That’s all for now.

Love you,


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