Sweetwater Tennessee


I was driving through the neat little town of Sweetwater, Tennessee, and decided that I wanted to stay a night here.

There are signs up from “The Lost Sea” to “Flea Markets” and everything in between.

So, I hopped off the exit and grabbed a room at “Days Inn.”
With my Triple-A card, I was able to get a room for around 78 dollars.

There are plenty of restaurants to choose from here in Sweetwater.
Everything from Fast Food to sit-down restaurants.

I just plan on going back to bed at the moment.
One of the reasons I decided to get a room was because I was tired.

Tomorrow is another day. I may plan to go somewhere and do something, or I may decide to get back on the interstate and head back home.

Right now, though, I have the A/C turned down low, the TV on, and I’m going to crawl in bed and nap.

That’s all for now.

Love you,


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