Cabin Update 11/17/2021

—Cabin Update—

It’s 7:00 AM CST, 8:00 AM EST, and I’m sitting in my chair at the Cabin, getting ready to head home.

It’s been a quick trip.
I arrived Monday night, and I’m headed home today, Wednesday morning.
I did not even break open my suitcase.

I did get everything accomplished that I had on my “To Do” list.

Last night, I did break down and go to “Golden Corral” for dinner.
I had a Burrito for lunch and planned to eat another Burrito for dinner, but I couldn’t. I needed some buffet food.

On my way up, I had stopped at the first Rest Area in Tennessee and got myself some Gold One Dollar Coins from a change machine.

Yep. You put in a dollar, and it spits out a One Dollar Gold Coin.
You can also put in 5$, 10$, and 20$ and get Gold Coins.
I put in a 10$ and got myself 10 Dollars in Gold Coins.

I told my waiter last night that I was going to tip him in Gold One Dollar Coins. I didn’t want him to mistake them for quarters.

“I love getting those. I get em’ from time to time,” my waiter said back to me.

I never thought I’d grow up to like Cottage Cheese, but there I was eating Cottage Cheese along with Peaches and Pineapple for dessert last night. It was good.

This morning I ran down to the bottom of the mountain to get some cash to leave for our dear Cleaning Lady.
I also grabbed a large cup of Coffee.

I know it sounds like I’m rambling, but I did want to Journal what I could before I left.

I’m about to head out.

I have “East Bound and Down” loaded on my radio and ready to play.

That’s all for now.

Love you,


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