The Police and The Donut Friar

—The Police and The Donut Friar—

I got up at 7 AM EST this morning.

I’m expecting Mom and an Aunt and Uncle to show up while I’m here, so I needed to get some food for us.

The first thing I wanted was some of the “Donut Friar” donuts.
They are excellent.
Their donuts rank right up there with “The Fultondale Bakery,” located in Fultondale, Alabama.
They must both use the same recipes and ovens.
By 8 AM, I get in the car and head to get some fresh donuts.

Gatlinburg has a great parking law during certain days of the week.
You can park on the street, next to the sidewalks, up until 9 AM.
After 9 AM, you need to be gone, though.
I find a spot to park on the side of the road and park. I’m in a row of around 20 cars.

I head into “The Village” and straight to “The Donut Friar.”

“What can I get for you, sir?”

“You got any creme filled? I don’t see any.”

“We got Eclairs coming out in fifteen minutes.”

“Oh, Bavarian Creme?”

“Yep. It’s worth the wait.”

“I’ll wait. Let me get a coffee while I wait, please.”

“Sure thing.”

While waiting, I make pleasant conversation with an older lady who is also waiting for the Bavarian-Creme-filled Eclairs.

An employee brings out a tray of freshly made loaves of Cinnamon Bread.
It has steam rising from the bread.
I almost made an “Eeeee” screech as I saw her holding the tray.
I can immediately smell the sweet aroma of the steaming hot bread, and it is a sweet, sweet smell.

Next, another employee brings out a tray of freshly made cinnamon twists.
Steam rising.

Then, the Eclairs.—Chocolate on top and sweet Bavarian Creme in the center.

The owner motions for me to come to the counter, and I abide.

“You want anything else with your Eclairs?”

“Uh, yeah. Yeah, I do. I’ll take a loaf of the piping hot Cinnamon Bread, two Cinnamon Twists, and two Bavarian Creme-filled Eclairs, and thank you.”

“It’s hard to pass up the bread. Especially when it’s right out of the oven.”

“Yes. And, so that you know, it’s not all for me. In fact, I can only have a little because of my diabetes. They’ll be others back at the cabin eventually.”

I get my order and head back out to my car.

As I walk thru The Village, I can see out to the road. And I can see that all the cars that were parked on the side of the road are now gone.

“Oh, dang. I forgot the time.”

I pull my phone out to see what time it is, and it is now 9:04 AM.
“I didn’t realize how long I’d been in there,” I think to myself.

As I turn the corner, I see blue lights flashing and a police cruiser parked behind my vehicle.

“Darn it,” I think.

Embarrassed, I walk to the passenger side of the police cruiser and kindly wave to the officer.

His window is down, and I say, “It’s me, sir. That’s mine. I am so sorry, sir.”

“Oh, it’s okay. I figured you were just running a little behind, and I parked here to keep your vehicle safe. You’re fine.”

Relieved, I say, “Thank you, thank you so much, sir. I apologize again.”

“It’s fine. You have a great day, sir.”

Now, I have this Freshly made loaf of Cinnamon Bread and Freshly made Donuts, and I thought I’d be polite and offer a box to the friendly officer.

“Do you want some donuts?”

As soon as the words leave my mouth, I realize that I just offered a policeman some donuts…

“Wait, I don’t mean it like that, sir. You’ve been nice, and you have a hard job, and I have freshly made bread and donuts that I’d share with you if you’d like.”

“That’s okay, sir, but Thank you.”

“Okay, sir, thank you, too, and again, I’m sorry.”

I get in my car, buckle up, and head back to the cabin.

I’ll go shopping at the grocery store later.


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